Miss Ben Arous 2021

  • Nom: Mariam Ben Abroug
  • Age: 24 ans
  • Spécialité: Neuropsychologie clinique
  • Talent(s): Peinture, Sculpture et Théâtre
  • Langues parlées: Arabe, Français et Anglais

A propos de moi

Mariam Ben Abroug, 24 years old, psychology student. I like to describe myself as a friendly, serious and kind person. I am participating in Miss Tunisia because I ought to give back to my country and to its people. I want to prove that beauty comes in every shape and every color.

Motivation et objectifs

I want to represent my country and my hometown Hammam-Lif to the best of my abilities because I firmly believe these places have got a lot more to show and to offer to the world.


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