Miss Bizerte 2023

  • Nom: Molka Nabli
  • Date de naissance: Décembre, 2000
  • Spécialité académique: Finance
  • Talents artistiques: Chant, Dance.
  • Compétences sportives: Escrime, Course de vitesse.
  • Langues parlées: Arabe, Français, Anglais, Turc.

A propos de moi

I am interested in humanitarian activities and I am also a singer and a dancer.

Furthermore, I hold the position of vice-president at ISCAE Advisors, a known club in my university ISCAE (Higher Institute of Accounting and Business Administration).


Motivation et objectifs

The concept of pageant is still not developed as much as it is internationally as some may limit the concept of the pageant to being ‘physically pretty’.

I’m extremely motivated to change this concept and contribute to demonstrating that, aside from physical beauty, Miss Tunisia also accounts for intellectual capacities, good presence, confidence, social skills and above all good public speaking competencies as she ought to represent Tunisia.

I also stand to make humanitarian projects and contribute to make the world a better place to live.



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