Miss Kairouan 2023

  • Nom: Alaa Ahlem Tabbel
  • Date de naissance: Juillet, 2000
  • Spécialité académique: Science de l'Informatique et Génie Logiciel
  • Talents artistiques: Musique (Guitare et Violon)
  • Compétences sportives: Natation
  • Langues parlées: Arabe, Français, Anglais.

A propos de moi

Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Cmputer Science and Software Engineering, I’m currently working as a UI/UX Designer and I hold the position of General Secretary at JCI Kairouan.

Former swimmer, I would describe myself as a sociable and enthusiastic person. I also love playing the violin and the guitar and I enjoy camping.


Motivation et objectifs

First of all, ‘Miss Tunisia’ has been a dream since my childhood. I want to represent my country and my region by being a modern and responsible Tunisian woman.

I also want to promote Tunisian tourism and traditions and bring assistance to my country through humanitarian projects.



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